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FortisAlberta in Conklin, AB

FortisAlberta is the wire services provider for Conklin. They cover the area of Conklin in AB with a network of agencies or points of payment dedicated to customer service.

Moving easily to Conklin with FortisAlberta

You are moving to Conklin and willing to make a power supply contract with a power supplier ? Get in touch with FortisAlberta either:

  • on the phone: 1-855-333-9473
  • in one of the points of contact hereunder

To open a contract, you may be required the following informations

  • The Conklin supply address (street address, zipcode, city).
  • Site ID (power or gas meter identification number)
  • Meter reading
  • bank information or payment mode of your choice

You will be answered by expert attendants to solve to problems and answer your questions about power supply and bill prices.

Get an appointment with FortisAlberta in Conklin

Whether you want to make renovations to your home, or change the meter, FortisAlberta technicians can answer your requests. You may get an appointment for an operation on the meter.

Answers about prices, payments and bills at FortisAlberta Conklin

The FortisAlberta service may as well inform you about your power supply contract. You can use the FortisAlberta agency to pay your bill by any means at your convenience (money transfer, credit card, cash…)

In Alberta and Ontario, the retail market is opened to competition and you can compare power retailers to save on your bills. However, FortisAlberta remains your distribution company and the lines and meters are unchanged.

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