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Electricity Service in Crowsnest Pass

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass owns and operates the electricity distribution network (wires services) in the Crowsnest Pass area. However, the FortisAlberta service area is also within the municipal boundary. Understand how to start your electricity service in Crowsnest Pass in our guide:

About Your Electricity Service in the Crowsnest Pass Area

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is the wires services provider for most of the area (Blairmore, Frank, and Coleman). This means that it is the City that owns and operates the electricity distribution system, and should be contacted in case of an emergency. The Municipality has designated ENMAX as the regulated rate provider for electricity within its service territory. In most cases, customers within the Crowsnest Pass service territory should contact ENMAX directly to open an account for electricity service. In the ulikely event that electricity service has been disconnected, they should contact the Crowsnest Pass Municipal Office at 403-562-8833.

Some areas within the Municipality (Bellevue and Hillcrest, as well as parts of Blairmore, Coleman, and Frank) are within the FortisAlberta service territory. Customers in FortisAlberta's service territory should contact EPCOR for the regulated rate for their electricity, but contact FortisAlberta in the event of an emergency or if they need to reconnect electricity service to their property. Find EPCORFortisAlberta phone numbers and more.

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass has published maps that indicate the service territories for the city and FortisAlberta, which are accessible here.

Moving to Crowsnest Pass and Starting Electricity Service

Wire Services Provider Regulated Rate Provider How to Start Service
Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Call ENMAX at 310-2010 Call your regulated rate provider (ENMAX or EPCOR) at least 3 business days before your desired start date and provide:
  • Your full name and contact information
  • The service address
  • The desired start date for service


FortisAlberta Call EPCOR at 310-4300


When in doubt, call 9-1-1 for all emergencies

Power Outage/Emergencies in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Service Area Call the 24-hour emergency line at 403-562-2021
Street Light Outage Call the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Municipal Office at 403-562-8833 during regular business hours
Power Outage/Emergencies in the FortisAlberta Service Area Call the FortisAlberta 24-hour emergency line at 310-9473

In Alberta you have a choice of your electricity supplier. Find out more about your energy supply options

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