What Happens Once My Alberta Energy Contract Ends?

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As your energy contract reaches the end of its term, your competitive energy supplier has certain obligations to fulfill. Here is a brief summary of what should happen towards the end of your contract.

Renewal Notice

In order to be able to renew an energy contract, the energy marketer must have your written or electronic consent within six months of the start date of the renewed contract. The contract renewal must describe the following information:

  • Changes (if any) to the original contract's terms and conditions, or a statement indicating that the original terms and conditions are will continue to be valid if there were no changes made to the renewed contract.
  • The energy charges for the renewed contract
  • The renewed contract's expiry date

Automatic Renewal

Your contract may have a provision that allows for an automatic renewal of the contract for up to one year. In this case, the energy marketer must send you a written reminder between 30 days and 6 months before the end of the original contract. If you wish to continue with the renewed contract, you do not necessarily have to notify your energy marketer. If you do expressly accept the renewal, have 10 days in which you can cancel your acceptance. Your contract will be automatically renewed if you do not expressly accept or reject the renewal offer.

You have within 30 days of receiving your first bill under your renewed contract to cancel it without being obliged to pay any fees. This first bill must make clear that this is the renewed contract, and state the price of energy supply.