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Here you will find more information about electricity and gas utilities in Alberta

What is an "electric utility"?

Historically, all elements of the electricity system in Alberta - generation, transmission, distribution, and retail - was the responsibility of one utility company within a certain service area. This vertical integration made sense when communities were smaller and more isolated. However, when Alberta deregulated its electricity markets, utilities were required to split up and sell off certain activities in order to open up for competition.

According to the 2003 Alberta Electric Utilities Act, an electric utility is any generation unit, transmission facility, or electric distribution system that is used directly or indirectly for the public or for members of a rural electrification association. Your electric utility is responsible for providing you with electricity, reading and maintaining your meter, and operating and maintaining the electricity distribution system that brings electricity to your home. This is different from your electricity supplier, who is responsible for billing and customer service, and from whom you purchase your energy supply.

The Alberta Electric Utilities Act gives the electric utility, who was the historic electricity supplier for a certain service area, the right to be the regulated rate provider for its service area. In some areas, as is the case for ENMAX in Calgary, or EPCOR in Edmonton, the regulated rate provider is the same as the electric utility. In others, such as in the ATCO Electric service territory, another company has purchased the right to be the RRO provider.

List of Alberta Electric Utilities

Main Electric Utilities in Alberta

Municipally-Owned Electric Utilities

  • The Town of Cardston Electric Utility
  • The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass
  • City of Red Deer Electric Light and Power
  • The Town of Fort Macleod Electrical Group
  • The Town of Ponoka Electric Utility
  • The City of Lethbridge

Don't know the name of your electric utility? Our Alberta directory can help you find your power utility.

Alberta Gas Utilities

Similar to the Alberta electricity system, a natural gas utility in Alberta refers to any gas pipeline, transmission, or distribution system that is used to provide supply directly or indirectly to any member of the public. Your local gas utility is therefore responsible for ensuring the availability of your gas supply, by operating and maintaining the gas transmission and distribution networks that bring gas to your home, but this is different from your gas supplier, from whom you purchase your gas supply, and who is responsible for billing and customer service.

Consult the Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations Ltd. if your power is provided by a rural electrification association
Check out the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. if you receive natural gas from a gas coop.