Westario Power huron-Kinloss : phone number and address

Westario Power (Westario) is the main electricity provider in huron-Kinloss (Zipcode: N0G), Ontario, that gives service to its habitants.

Call in the event of a blackout or similar electric problem.

Moving to huron-Kinloss (N0G) and need to start electricity service with Westario Power?

To activate an account with Westario Power when you are moving to huron-Kinloss, simply call customer service at +1-866-978-2746. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information (phone number, email, address)
  • The huron-Kinloss supply address (street address, postal code, city)
  • Desired service start date
  • You may also be asked to provide some ID (such as your drivers licence number).

Almost every electric utility is going to ask for a security deposit in order to activate a new account,and you probably will be asked to provide you Social Security Number (SSN) for realize a credit check.

Westario Power customer service

Call Westario Power customer service at +1-866-978-2746 for answers to your questions and concerns relating to questions about your bill, how to change electricity suppliers, ways to save money on your power bills, and/or financial assistance.

For a face to face aid in creating an account, you can come to the closest store:

Store Address Phone number Schedule Proximity
Westario 24 Eastridge Rd, N0G 2V0 Walkerton, +1-866-978-2746 38.5 miles.

About Westario Power

Would you like to know more about Westario Power?

Westario Power's customer service will be happy to answer any questions that may have arised about getting the power service in huron-Kinloss, including questions about electricity rates or billing.

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